From the begining we felt like we were in excelent hands.
Your country is truly beautiful and seeing it through your eyes has made it even more special. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. And come visit / stay with us in Texas.
Linda & Dan, Texas, USA
You made us feel extremely comfortable and always well cared for.
The trip was just awesome. You are a fabulous guide. Call Bob when you are coming to The Napa Valley.
Diane and Bob, Napa Valley
What a wonderful adventure you planned for us!
I hope our paths will cross again. The hiking poles were a life saver!!
Loree, CA
Thank you very much for all of your hospitality during our visit to Croatia.
We loved sea-kayaking with you and all little hidden bays and coves. And the food!! We will never forget the feast at "Meat Boy" place. Speachless.
John & John-Austin, New Jersey
Thank your for your stories of Croatia, your love of life here, your humour - and my special birthday party.
Jadviga, Washington, USA
You made our trip extra ordinary.
With your knowledge and love for your beautiful country the trip was terrific! We hope we can cross paths again some time in the future.
Joe and Diane, San Francisco
The trip was fantastic.
I wanted to let you know what a great trip I had and to say thank you for all of your pre-trip help. The trip was fantastic. A lot of the credit for that can go to Tanja. She is a terrific guide, cook, and representative of Slovenia. The rest of the credit can go to your beautiful country! It was also nice to get to meet Luka and Ursula, even if only quickly. Thanks again for everything.
Best regards, Annette
The trip brings to light the best of Slovenia.
Its history, culture and scenery were superb. Luka's enthusiasm and exuberance were infectious.
Natalie S., New York
I REALLY enjoyed this trip.
I was impressed by the variety of activities. The scenery, the sights, medieval towns, the alpine hiking and the caves were spectacular!
Kylie R., San Francisco
Great introduction to a lovely country.
Terrain and local culture varied tremendously from beginning of trip to end, so it was always interesting. Always something new to discover. Very well organized, lots to see and do.
Linda F., Huston
The mountian scenery, the places we stayed and the food were all excellent.
However, what really made this trip truly outstanding were the two guides. They were friendly, bright, knowledgeable, patient & just fun to be with. It was obvious that they really enjoyed their work. I've done a lot of traveling and had some fine guides, but none could top them! I would most definitely enthusiastically recommend this trip.
Lou L., New York
The hikes were fantastic.
This was my first chance to see one of the Balkan countries with gorgeous scenery, interesting history and getting out there where a lot of Slovenians hike. The hikes were fantastic. Our guides were superb. They found local places to eat rather than tourist places. Guide had a good sense of humor and knew everyone, or so it seemed. Hotels were excellent for the settings. One was out of this world with superb cuisine.
Arthur F., Brooklyn

They rate a gold star.
This was the first trip led by two women. They were organized, focused on our safety and well being, provided great lunches and were so knowledgable about their young, democratic country. I can't say enough about the enthusiam and knowledge of these young women.
Bob P., Vemont
Lunches were excellent!
The wine area as well as the Karst region were a very pleasant surprise. I didn't expect those areas to be so beautiful. Guide was wonderful! She did everything - driver, chef, guide, etc. (as noted above). Very patient; great sense of humor. Guide did an incredible job preparing them. Lisa P. & Richard M., Brooklyn
Many things at all at the top.
Interesting hikes, different locales, cultural experiences such as the shepherd's hut, wine tasting, and dinner at the home of a Slovenian, and fantastic cave experience. The quality of the guide, the welcoming nature of the Slovenian people were outstanding.
Bob & Linda B., San Diego
The scenery was amazing.
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Slovenia last week. All our group really liked the itinerary and everything went so well. The hotel was exactly right -lovely rooms and Luka was such a nice guy. The scenery was amazing so the hiking was very enjoyable and we could appreciate the lovely countryside. We had some great food especially at Frankos and our final meal at the coast was excellent. Our guide Ales was the best guide we have ever been with. We were all very impressed with him. He was very knowledgable and a lovely personality as well. Thanks for making it all possible and putting the itinerary together for us.
Best wishes Ali and Steve, UK
Very impressed!
The guides, the hiking, the country itself and loved Ljubjana.
Betsy R., Colorado
All of the family had a great time.
Thank you for creating and guiding us on a wonderful trip to your beautiful country. We appreciate the care and thoughtfulness that you showed us from beginning to end.
Gratefully yours, Robin, Howard, Kirsten, Arlene and Norman, San Diego
The country is terrific. The guides were fantastic.
Lainey P. & Jerry B., La Jolla
Very good guiding at assessing the group as a whole. Had a lot to deal with as each individuals needs were different especially in the food department! He deserves an honarary psych. degree. MaryAnne F., San Diego
It was one of our best trips overall.
The guides were superb and really focused on the group's abilities and individual capability to adjust the trip.
Arlene M., Mount Vernon
We would recommend them for any traveling party.
Guide truly cared about our well being and made sure that we were getting the most out of the trip. He was very thoughtful and flexible, adjusting the trip to accommodate people's needs and abilities and the weather.
Robin M., St.Louis

Beautiful, friendly country.
Well-thought out itinerary, very good guide. Trip leader was was great!! Knowledgeable, well-organized, dependable and personable. And she arranged on her own for a birthday party and gift (which she paid for) for one of our party. Very thoughtful, aware.
Cynthia W., Wayne
The selection of the locations we visited was excellent.
It was nice to see so many interesting sites in Slovenia. We also loved our guide. He was great! Glen & Fernanda H., Brasilia The Slovene people are friendly, the food is VERY fresh and tasty. Laurie L. & Tony K., Atlanta
Terrain and local culture varied tremendously.
The guides were great, young, bright and enthusiastic.
Wendy P. & Robert M.
Best of: Slovenian Beer, The Alps, Sea Bass cooked in a mound of salt - we thought it was rice! Long 18% grade climb - the steepest ever. Picnic lunches every day - 1st time ever. Cheese (different every day), olives, fresh breads, cucumber salads, fresh cookies. Perfect choice for us. Reaching the top of Vrsic Pass after a very challenging 3 hour climb to the peak - Exhausting, Exhilarating, and Emotionally as good as it can get.
Mike J., Toronto
Best dinners of any trip.
Local desserts, seafood pastas, fresh salads, etc. NO 1 Turisticna Kmetija - a small village hotel with an outstanding 6-course feast. Skocjan Caves - underground river - per Tina "Journey to the Center of the Earth" - Jules Verne. The River Climb - Precarious moments, steep cliffs and cables to hold onto. Drinking the healing waters. Louis J., Toronto
Beautiful villages, all well-kept, clean and flowers everywhere.
Bike paths everywhere including the capital city. Tina, our 27 year old guide - 1st woman guide ever in 14 years. A wonderful reflection of the Slovenian people - considerate, helpful, polite, thoughtful, and the best we've had on all of our trips.
Larry J., Toronto
Slovenia, in my mind, is more like "western Europe".
This is a part of Europe that we didn't know much about. Slovenia, in my mind, is more like "western Europe" than the sterotype of a "central European" country.
Bev P., New York
Guides were very intelligent, knowledgeable, and helpful with excellent leadership and interpersonal skills.
Luka shares his passion for history, the outdoors, and for Slovenia with enthusiasm. I enjoyed his company and respect his skills. Ben I always looked forward to her excellent lunches. Guide had the perfect personality for being a trip leader. She has patience, good communication skills, and is extremely helpful. I always looked forward to her excellent lunches, as she puts her heart into her food preparation. She showed great compassion and concern for my well being. I see her as a tremendous assest for any organizaion.
Ken T., Hawaii
Cannyoning was definitely best outdoor experience I have ever had.
Loved to jump in those pools.
Bill A., Colorado
They rank up there with the two best guides I've ever had.
Both guides were knowledgeable, safety-conscious, and able to tailor things so each hiker was comfortable. And the way they shared work was graceful and respectful.
Garet & Karin C., Aspen
Loved the combination of outstanding activities!
Great hikes, scenic cycling and definitely best rafting ever! You have to see emerald Soca river.
Michael R., Spencertown
The guest house in Kobarid was outstanding.
The lunches prepared by Luka and the restaurants selected were excellent.
Susan W., New Jersey
The guide was just a darling - competent, fun, articulate, knowledgeable, we all wanted to adopt her.
She knew lots of the people we saw and that gave the trip a welcome personal touch. She was also able to be flexible with our schedule which we appreciated.
Maggie N., Hawley
It was truly a magical trip in every way and made more so by your expert guiding and warm friendship.
I am sitting here at my computer thinking of all of the wonderful memories I have from Slovenia - we were together only one week ago! Thank you for your knowledge, for your friendship and for your sensitivity to everyone's needs on our trip. Please know that you are always welcome at all of our houses when you decide to come to our country. Please stay in touch.
Lots of love, Lucy
Up and down I follow her for many a mile,
As if in pulsing eagerness to pass a trial,
This sylph-like guide too lovely,
Gliding through cloud-piercing walks,
And radiant in her smile so dovely,
That she's flashed at visitors in legend-spangled talks,
All captivated in her thrall.
If only she'd cast off my rival,
After her, I'd even crawl.
Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
Paul Hertelendy, Piedmont

I will definitely cu again in Slovenia!

Thanks for a great introduction to your fabulous country. Will

Thanks for everything!
I hope to see you soon. Love, Laura
We all leave with an appreciation of your country and the desire to return for further exploration. Thank you for your care, humor, flexibility and infinite knowledge in making this a very special trip for my family. Sheila

You did a magnificent job!

Thanks for a wonderful trip. Candy, Charlie and Sue. Come visit us in the States!

You are most likely the best guide we have ever traveled with.
You were so helpful when we lost my luggage and the clothes you lent me were life-saving. Good luck to you always. With gratitude. Ashley.
We have many good memories to take home.
Thank you so much for all your efforts making our visit to Slovenia so wonderful. Thanks for the hikes, meals, rides, laughs and always pleasant personality. Bob
Every day was perfect - even the rain.
We wanted to thank you for making our visti to Slovenia so memorable. We are very grateful to you. Jane + Paul

This has been a fantastic trip! We love Slovenia.
Thank you so much for all you have done to make things work for our group. the hiking was fabulous, the food and wine is great, and we have fallen in love with your country. You are patient and caring guide, and we are lucky to have found you. Maybe Montenegro sometime? All the best. The Mont Blanc Ladies Literary Guild and Trekking Society.