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Cycling Slovenia

Cycling Slovenia

Cycle from the Alps to the Adriatic sea.

From high mountain passes to undulating hills of the Mediterranean. Explore Slovenian pristine traditions and unspoiled nature. Check our Slovenia cycling tours!

Cycling Croatia

Cycling croatia

Bike Istria and Dalmatia

The roads in Croatia are made for cycling. From inland to the sea, you will taste truffles, olive oil and beautiful wine. Check our Croatia cycling tours!

Hiking Slovenia


Hike the best of Slovenian Alps.

Some of the best hiking in the Alps and true history in the Adriatic. Small place, high diversity.
Check our tours!

Hiking Croatia

Unique hiking adventure

This is a journeys of contrasts, between land and sea, fisherman and farmers. Where nature and culture meet. Check our tours!

Sailing Croatia

Sailing in Croatia.

Our adventures wrapped in a great storyline suitable for kids and parents. Cool and fun for the whole family. Check our tours!

Make it private

Family holidays

Private adventures.

You decide: Who, when, what, how and where. A customized private trip offers you flexibility that may suit your private group.

About TrekTrek

About TrekTrekWe are specialists for cycling, hiking, multisport & sailing in Slovenia. Our broad range of interests makes us also the regional expert for several countries in the Balkans. TrekTrek strives for a perfect combination of adventure travel and hedonistic array of lodging, dining and wining. Apart from honing our skills in toughest environments around the world, we also highly emphasize local and global knowledge. We have spent years researching on ways how to enable you get in touch with pristine local culture and unspoiled nature in Slovenia. more

About Slovenia


Country of Slovenia is a member of EU since 2004 using EURO as a single legal currency of Slovenia since 2007. Renowned for unique diversity this tiny pearl offers hikes in majestic Alps, a swim in a Adriatic sea and live traditions in charming medieval towns and villages. Charming old capital of Ljubljana is only four hours from Vienna and two and a half hours from Venice. Safe environment, pristine people and diverse nature abide in this land. more

About Croatia

Where to start when describing Croatia? A rather difficult question when you have to pick between Croatia’s 1000+ islands, UNESCO’s historic towns, 8 breathtaking National Parks, 17000+ vineyards, olive oil so good it makes you cry and a hospitality you will never forget.  

But let’s answer the question first. It must be the clear blue waters of the Adriatic sea. more